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The Story Of US

When you know someone's experiences of the past, actions of the present, and aspirations for the future, that's when you really know them.

Me & Him in Past: It began when a brand management student met a fashion management student, both from foreign countries in a foreign country. Came together initially sharing the same goals and now resonating together sharing the same love for each other.

Us in Present: Adding the layer of emotion to a functionally focused product, transforming phone cases from a colored plastic to an accessory that reflects your style, persona, and expression. Where we being your assistants for finding or create that reflection.

We in Future: Collaborate with small Brands, Artists, and Engineers with the shared goal to be able to give you the ability to turning any piece of your imagination or idea into an artistic physical form. Creating which is something for you unique, special and emotional.

Small Artists face Big Challanges

Small on Instagram, but big in personal hardships. Small in the world, but big in imagination. Small pockets, but big dreams.

Conveying their perception of the World, through elements of Art, hoping to find meaning in your eyes.

You choosing them, is you supporting their dream

For the Conscious Consumer

A transparent place where you have the required information and flexibility to make the right purchase decision and where your purchases also have a poistive impact on others

Social Conscious

We collaborate with artists and businesses who are taking their first step towards a stronger financial stability

Value Conscious

Multiple-price levels, multiple material types and a store design to help you find the one which fits your needs

Enviromental Conscious

Introduction of biodegradable phone cases is a step towards building a more sustainable business

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