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MiU + Accessories

Universal Phone Wallet


A phone wallet that sticks to any Phone or Phone Case. Be sure that it's 3M film will stick firmly, being not easy to fall off and removes with you gluey stains. It is slim and it is soft. Carry in it any type of cards that you use often, reducing the bulk of cards in your wallet and more convenient than reaching out to the wallet and finding the right card. Carry in it student cards, credit cards, access cards, visiting cards, or any other. It is secure as long as it is with your most valuable possession, your phone.

A product of the phone Tech-Company Baseus

For the Conscious Consumer

A transparent place where you have the required information and flexibility to make the right purchase decision and where your purchases also have a poistive impact on others

Social Conscious

We collaborate with artists and businesses who are taking their first step towards a stronger financial stability

Value Conscious

Multiple-price levels, multiple material types and a store design to help you find the one which fits your needs

Enviromental Conscious

Introduction of biodegradable phone cases is a step towards building a more sustainable business