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Shipping Policies & Timelines

Your FAQ's Answered

  • Which counties do you ship to?

    We ship worldwide!!

    However, we accept only 5 currencies. AUD $ - CAD $ - EUR € - GBP £ - USD $

    We also accept payments through PayPal.

    if you have any payment or shipping related questions, text us on IG: or FB: @miucasestudio

  • How long does it take for my order to reach me?

    Currently, on average your order is produced and shipped by us in 3-5 days. It then depends on your local delivery service provider how long it will take to reach you. This can take anywhere between 09-21 days. 

    It currently it takes longer than usual for the MiU to be delivered to you. It is due to the following reasons:

    1. COVID-19 regulation set by the country for the safety of the people has reduced overall productivity and efficiency throughout the chain

    2. We do not stock large quantities of the product as we want our customers to customize their choice, making it unique and special for them

    Other factors that can affect delivery times:

    1. Delays in production times

    2. The COVID-19 regulations in your country 

    3. Delays caused by the shipping carrier

    4. Customs Clearance delays

    5. Delays caused by local delivery company for delivering the product to you

    The factors affecting the delivery times are more unreliable now than ever and unfortunately out of our control. For this reason we cannot guarantee the delivery. However, the delivery time frame is based on the avg. time time taken to deliver the product.

    Each order is important for us and our Artists, we hope that long shipping times won't be the reason for you to not order from us. Your purchases help us sustain in these difficult times. Thank you :)

    Text us on IG: or FB: @miucasestudio

  • What shipping options do you offer and how much does shipping cost?

    We currently offer only one shipping option which is the best balance between shipping time and shipping cost.

    Although the shipping cost varies from country to country the average shipping cost is less than $2.

    For unanswered questions text us on IG: or FB: @miucasestudio

  • How COVID-19 restrictions will affect my order?

    We are living in unfortunate times and wish for everyone's health, wealth and happiness. 

    In view of the recent situation of COVID-19, logistics transportation and global delivery services are now subject to temporary delays. Shipping time is likely to be lengthened as a special arrangement of some courier service companies and air traffic delays are to be expected. 

    We hope that longer delivery times does not become the factor for you to change your decision of buying from us. Your orders are valuable for us and for the sustainability of the this business and the people it serves.

    Text us on IG: or FB: @miucasestudio

  • How do I track my order?

    We will send you a shipping confirmation email on the email address that you have provided, once your order has been shipped. The email will contain shipping information and a  tracking number for you to track your order

    If you are having trouble tracking your order, text us on IG: or FB: @miucasestudio

  • How do I know that my order has been shipped or not?

    We will send you a shipping confirmation email on the email address that you have provided, once your order has been shipped. The email will contain shipping information and a  tracking number for you to track your order

    If you are having trouble tracking your order, text us on IG: or FB: @miucasestudio

  • Where is my order shipped from?

    MiU's products are planned, communicated and executed from Canada. They are designed by hardworking designers from around the world and produced by our kind friends from USA and China. Your order will either be shipped from the factory directly or from the warehouses in North America, Asia, Europe or Australia.

    It is truly a global effort where people from around the world come together to create and deliver something meaningful for you. 

    If you wish to know more text us on IG: or FB: @miucasestudio

  • Will I be charged any taxes or import duties?

    All taxes and shipping charges if applicable are included in the amount you paid for your order. 

    You should generally not incur any other extra charges, on the occasion where the shipping carrier charges you extra amount. 

    If you have been charged any extra amount, kindly text us on IG: or FB: @miucasestudio

  • The estimated shipping time has passed and I have still not received my package, what should I do?

    Usually, the delivery couriers will try their best to meet the estimated shipping time, but unexpected events do happen from time-to-time. There is a possibility that your order may have been mis-routed or re-routed to a different location or that the shipping address was smudged/ripped during the process.

    Please check back after a few days and see if there are any updates. If there are none, you may want to get in touch with your courier directly as they will have the latest information to offer. With your tracking number, they will most likely be able to help you.

    Note that the estimated time -frame of all shipping methods is NOT guaranteed and can always be subjected to delays at any time. If you are still unable to locate your order, please feel free to Contact Us for further assistance. Should there be an issue, we can open an investigation and assist you further with your delivery issue

    Text us for further enquiry IG: or FB: @miucasestudio

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