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MiU + Artists

Far in Space, But close in Hearts (Her Side)


Physical Distance creates one of the biggest barriers in a relationship. It starts a series of tests, which test the strength of each characteristic of a strong relationship. Communication, trust, faith, commitment, understanding, honesty, control over desires, all are tested. While most break and fail in these tests, the one that passes is the one that I want to be with. I hope that you will keep your love strong and run through the physical distance between us towards me.

Designed by @polarimars

We do customize upon special request. See the section below to know more.



Wireless Charging Friendly        Raised Bezel  


  Supports Small Artists         Cute & Protective 


We've put a lot of thought into each design, functionality of each case type and created the fairest price point


On an avg. 1/33 designs are selected to be made a part of MiU's collections. Know that each design is a special one.


Sensitive about protection? Our Tough Case type is made from the same material used to make riot shields

  • 🚚... Shipping Timeline

    We ship Worldwide at lowest additional shipping rate!

    This is a tough time for people and businesses around the world. It is hard for us to guarantee a fixed delivery time as various factors affect the delivery speed.

    Currently, on average your order is produced and shipped by us in 2-5 days. It then depends on our international shipping service provider and your local delivery service provider to quickly transport your package to you. This can take anywhere between 10-21 days. 

    Each order is important for us and our Artists, we hope that long shipping times won't be the reason for you to not order from us. Your purchases help us sustain in these difficult times. Thank you :)

  • 📲 + Case Care

    *Use the following directions to put-on and remove the phone case with ease (without applying extra force/pressure) to prevent damaging or scratching the phone or the phone case


    The Ideal way to put on a case

    ..... Start by slowly slipping in the phone on the top-right edge of the phone case

    .... Snap-in the top-right corner by aligning the phone over the case and by gently adding pressure with your thumb

    ... Applying constant pressure slide down to the top-right to the bottom-right corner of the case

    .. Secure the case by snapping in the last bottom-left corner of the case with a gentle pinch

    . Check all sides to see if the case has been fully installed with all the button cutouts aligned


    The ideal way to remove a case

    ..... Start removing the phone case from  the corner furthest  from the lock/volume buttons

    .... Use both of your thumbs by placing it on either side of the edge and press out that corner of the case

    ... Using the above-mentioned method move the corner directly adjacent to the corner removed

    .. Hold the phone case with your left hand and phone with your right-hand finger

    . Slide-out the phone upwards with your finger from the freed side of the phone case

    Cleaning your phone case

    - Cleaning Dust: Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe off the dust

    - Cleaning Stains: Spray the micro-fiber cloth the water and by applying pressure scrub off the stains (remove the case if your phone is not water-resistant)

    - Deep Cleaning: You need gentle soap water, cloth, and a brush. Remove the phone case and sink it in the soap water and rinse the phone case. Brush the inside of the phone case to remove a tough stain or dirt. Finish by wiping the case dry with a cloth

  • 🎨 - Request Customization

    Words that remind you of something important and colour that reflects your persona.

    - Making cases a bit more special.

    The customization service is FREE. 


    What can you customize?

    1. Change Background Color

    2. Add text/message on the case

    The customizations are currently limited, however, we are working on a customization experience that would enable you to do a lot more and where you become the creators. 


    How to customize the design?

    1. Tell us your Idea: Write your request either in the Order Notes section on the Checkout Page or by contacting us either on Facebook/Instagram immediately after placing your order. 

    2. We start creating: Following you request to either add text or favourite colour, our design team starts working to embed it beautifully on the case design that you have chosen. 

    3. Connect with Us: Say hello, either on Instagram or Facebook to take an active part in the customization journey. Together we create something unique for You.

    4. Confirm the Design: We will confirm with you, your customized design before it is sent for production.

    5. Your design is then sent into production: We will send you a shipping confirmation email once your order has been shipped, which usually takes about 3 days.

    Say hello, IG: or FB: @miucasestudio 

6 Case Types - 6 Looks - 6 Personalities

A choice to choose your case type, because as so the people are diverse so are their choice of case

Choose from 6 different case types

A choice to choose your case type, because as so the people are diverse so are their choice of case

Adding Cute & Strong to your Smart Phone

Become a leaf in the tree of Happy People ❦