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Wireless Chargers

Multi-Station Wireless Charger

For those who are productive and want to maximize the usage of their advanced pieces of technology. This is a wireless charger with two power stations so that you can charge your other devices side by side.  It has a special docking station designed specifically for AirPods, but it's functionality isn't limited to that. You can also charge your partners phone side by side like a true companion that even your phones.  Made by the innovative technology accessories company Baseus, satisfaction comes as a promise.

Key Features:

  • Made to be able to charge 2 devices at the same time
  • Compatible with any wireless charging enabled phones or earphones
  • 15w Qi wireless charging
  • Heat dissipation design
  • LED indicators for visual hands-free confirmation device status
  • Several protective integrations to ensure device safety
  • Made from Aluminium Alloy + Tempered Glass + PC

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